Explore new heights and hidden depths; Whether it’s creating your foundations in the White cliffs or discovering the secrets of the pit of Aberration, Valguero offers a new experience of the ARK universe. With new biomes, formidable dungeon bosses and mysterious ruins to discover, there is always something exciting – and dangerous – in Valguero. Among its more than 60 kilometers, you’ll find everything from lush jungles to environmental hazards, from snowfields to lava flows, to savannas and hot springs.

Unique Environmental Features

  • Rainbows across the map.
  • Occasional auroras at night.
  • Shooting stars at night.
  • Freezing air in the Snow Desert.
  • An underground ocean called The Abyss.
  • Ichthyosaurus and Carbonemys corpses scattered along the lake.

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